Services Offered

SERVICES OFFERED (capabilities) Quality infrastructure is the foundation of every network.Global Options have a comprehensive, dedicated team of qualified and experienced personnel who have vast experience working in the Telecommunications industry. Our Communications Technicians are committed to delivering quality work on time, every time in the following areas;

  • Installation, cutover and integration of CMUX/ISAM housings.
  • New Estate hauling and jointing of copper cable estates.
  • Cutover and Rearrangement of all large/small size copper cables and terminations.
  • Relocations for Telstra recoverable works projects).
  • Emergency cable damage replacement/ repair work.
  • All new Large and Small size copper cable jointing of current and obsolete cables.
  • Telstra CPAS in particular Lead Plumbing, Leak locations and Air seal construction.
  • Racking and termination of all copper cables in exchange and building MDF’s.
  • Commercial lead-in work including MDF installations.
  • Emergency cable damage replacement/ repair work.
  • Provision of licensed Level Two Traffic Controllers for vehicle and pedestrian management at job sites.
  • Fault location, remediation and repair within the Telstra Customer Access Network.
  • FTTN Upgrade and augment Telstra Cabinets and Pillars (Mains & Distribution), install all associated cables and terminations to connect the FTTN node and test for continuity.
  • Structured network installation including customer integration. (Experienced Open Registered Cable
    Licence & endorsements)

Global Options staff are qualified and experienced Fibre Technicians are at the forefront of the Fibre Testing and Splicing industry. Our mobile workshop vans are fitted out with the latest industry equipment and present a complete clean environment for splicing optical fibre. Technicians are skilled in the following.


  • Optical fibre splicing using well maintained Core Aligned Fusion Splicer’s both Standard & Ribbon.
  • Various Optical fibre joint enclosure construction and installation using Corning, All Telstra Closures, Tyco (Fosc,Fist etc.)
  • FTTP construction, testing, commissioning and every facet of installation from exchange to FDH cabinet up to and including demand drops using FTTP equipment and architecture.
  • FTTP : FSAM all aspects for NBN Fault Remediation and Repair (End to End).
  • Private network installation including customer integration. (Experienced Open Registered Cable Licence & endorsements)
  • Commercial customer installation and integration to fibre optic network including installation and all testing and commissioning.
  • Major Cutover and Rearrangement of working optic fibre networks with minimal disruption to end customers.
  • Telstra Optic fibre network fault finding and repair.